The Smoaking / Smoking Club, 1793


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The Smoaking/Smoking Club (cropped), circa 1793, Mezzotint, Greetings Card.

Coloured mezzotint, 1793, by Bowles and Carver, after Robert Dighton.

The year this engraving was published,1793, saw the French

Revolution take a final bloodthirsty turn, with the execution of the King

and Queen, Louis XV1 and Marie Antoinette. It was also the year that

we went to war with Revolutionary France. Fear of radicalism spreading

across the Channel was intense amongst the British Establishment and a

wave of nationalistic fervour gripped the nation. Amongst this group are

naval and military figures, including one who is reading “The True Briton,”

an extremely patriotic journal.


130 x 180 mm, contained in cellophane wrapper with fitted envelope. Price includes Postage & Packing within UK. 

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