Marriage of Charles I and Henrietta Maria 1625


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Marriage of Charles I and Henrietta Maria silver counter, 1625. Greetings Card.

Marriage of Charles 1 and Henrietta Maria, silver counter, 1625, by P. Regnier, busts of Charles 1 and Henrietta Maria facing with celestial rays above, CH. MAG . ET . HEN . MA . BRIT . REX . ET . REG. (CHARLES THE GREAT, AND HENRIETTA MARIA, KING AND QUEEN OF BRITAIN. ), cupid right scatters the roses of England with the lilies of France, FVNDIT . AMOR . LIMA . MIXTA . ROSIS. 1625, (LOVE POURS OUT LILIES MINGLED WITH ROSES). (MI 238/1).

Henrietta Maria, (1609-1669) was the daughter of Henry IV of France. The device on the reverse alludes to the linking of the lilies of France with the roses of England. Here Catholic religion was to cause huge resentment at Court and great suspicion throughout the country.

125 x 125 mm, contained in cellophane wrapper with fitted envelope. Price includes Postage & Packing within UK.

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