Anti Monarchy Token circa 1826


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Anti Monarchy Token, circa 1826, Greetings Card.

Political Tokens appeared at this time many aimed at the profligate lifestyle of George IV. His attempted divorce from his estranged wife Caroline in 1820, had brought this to a head. Neither of them came out of the proceedings with much credit although newspaper circulation soared. The star turn was arguably “The Green Bag”, the diplomatic bag which was produced by the Crown containing the incriminating evidence of Caroline’s adultery.¬† However, Caroline’s chief counsel, the brilliant Lord Brougham made it clear that if they had a “Green Bag” of evidence against her, they had an even bigger bag of even more sordid detail incriminating George. The public loved it and it was the only topic of conversation for months.

125 x 125 mm, contained in cellophane wrapper with fitted envelope. Price includes Postage & Packing within UK.

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